Embracing Minimalism


Yesterday I had to go shopping.

And by “had to” I mean I really had to, after wearing my old boots for an extra year when I was really quite overdue for some new ones. They finally “died” just the other day after I’d spent a day walking around Edinburgh.

Something inside of me has profoundly, profoundly changed. I have absolutely zero interest in shopping (or buying). I had to buy more than just boots today as I was overdue for some new clothes too. I’ve spent the year wearing the same few T-shirts and running clothes which aren’t always the adequate thing to be wearing in rain, snow, and zero/minus (Celsius) temperatures.

I’m embracing minimalism which means I’ve gotten by on as few things as possible this year, but today I made the move and bought new clothes and the winter boots to get me through the year ahead. And now I am done (hurray!), hopefully for a long, long time to come…

There is nothing “wrong” with fashion and shopping, it’s just I am being brutally honest by saying I’m not interested right now. Maybe I never will be again.

This “sale” period between Christmas and New Year has everyone running around spending all their money, but are they truly happy? I’m wandering around in the mall because I have to be there, so am I the one who is “sick” for not being interested, or is it society at large that is “sick” for sales?

Have I changed because I’m older, and/or because I’ve had kids and I just don’t have the time or energy for shopping anymore? Maybe I will never know.

The faceless mannequins have an eerie look to them. “They are going to turn me off for life!”, I think to myself as I walk by the shopfront windows.

I had to go into a fitting room just once today and I normally avoid this at all costs. Not because I dislike myself or how I look, but because I don’t want to use my time doing this when I’d rather be doing so many other things. Writing, or reading… Anything at all… (other than trying on clothes).

We all have our addictions. For many it is shopping (or hoarding). For me maybe it’s sugar I think to myself as I’m leaving the mall, as I stop to buy some sugary snacks. Then I pass all the smokers just outside the doors and realize yet again that yes, we all have our addictions, and a lot of the time for every single one of us it is just not healthy.

As I walk back to my car I realize I have one more addiction, as in my head this entire outing to the mall to shop for clothes and shoes, I’ve been writing…

And writing…

And writing…

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