Habits For Happiness (Lifestyle Coaching Video Series, Part 15)

  1. Cultivating A Gratitude Practice.

2. Working On Tiny Daily Happiness Habits Within Your Schedule: Drinking Water, & Planning Ahead, Such As Choosing Your Clothes The Night Before.

3. Walking/Getting Outdoors Into Nature & Sunshine.

4. Decluttering: Both Our Mind & Our Environment!

5. Reduce Alcohol Intake.

6. Celebrate Your Strengths! (We Focus A Lot On Self-Improvement Which Is Great, However, Sometimes We Should Also Look At Our Strengths).

7. Grow From Challenges: What Can You Learn From Difficult Situations? Is It Possible To Be Grateful For Difficult Experiences?

8. Prioritize What Makes You Happy.

9. Choosing Experiences Over Material Possessions.

10. What Is A Happiness Habit You Can Share With Us? Add It To The Comments Below.


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