How I Went From Being A New Runner To Completing A Half Marathon (Video)


How I Went From Being A New Runner To Completing A Half Marathon

Note: I still consider myself a ‘beginner runner’, and I want to share how I did it because I want you to know that it is possible!! (as it was never even in my wildest dreams that I would run a half marathon, but remember, when you persevere you can achieve anything you set your mind to)!

My regular running routine began in mid July of 2014 when my first baby was 10 months old.

I started slowly, alternating walking and running.

I stayed consistent, and went out almost every morning with the jogging stroller (about 5 times a week).

I also tried to get one solo run in each week (without the stroller).

I worked my way up to being able to run a 5K slowly (35 minutes) without stopping to walk. (My very first event was late September of 2014).

Next I ran a 10K slowly, without stopping to walk. (November, 2014).

I ran five more 5K events between December 2014 and April 2015 and I improved my time by about four minutes (down to 31 minutes).

I eventually signed up for a half marathon with the intention of alternating running and walking on the day.

I got to my strongest during 2015 by lifting weights 3x per week, attending yoga classes 2x per week, and running 3x per week (with occasional kick-boxing, bike-riding, and roller-blading to keep things interesting).

I successfully completed a half marathon (21K or 13.1 miles) in May of 2015.

Here is my timeline of the event:

Ran 5 miles (approx. one hour)

First bathroom break

Ran another 5 miles, with a small amount of walking here and there (approx. one hour)

Second bathroom break

Ate a slice of bread to keep the nausea away

Ran and walked 2 miles

Ran the final 1.1 mile – my knees, ankles, and legs (but mostly my knees) were starting to hurt by this stage, so I was very happy to finish and to feel that sense of accomplishment!

Take-Away Tips: I truly believe weight-lifting to be one of the best ways to increase strength and stamina, and I give a lot of credit to the weight-lifting training as to what got me through my first ever half marathon. I also believe going out consistently for runs and power walks is why I improved so much over time.

Current Goal: To run a half marathon in September of 2017 here in the UK.

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