Health & Happiness (Video)

Eight Behaviours For Increasing Health & Happiness:

1). Staying Active (Anything From Walking & Running To Yoga, Lifting Weights, Skiing, Or Bike Riding) & Balancing Exercise With Rest (For Example: “I Want To Get Outdoors Each Day, So I Will Run Every Second Day & Walk Every Other Day”, Or “I Will Do A Strength Training Workout By Lifting Weights A Few Times A Week, So I Will Give Myself A Rest Day In Between To Let My Muscles Recover”).

2). Nutrition & Drinking Water: Eat A Variety Of Foods In Moderation & Drink Water As Often As You Can Remember (Healthy Habit: Carry A Reusable Water Bottle With You Whenever You Leave The House).

3). Prioritize Rest & Sleep: Optimal Sleep Is Not Always Possible, Especially As Parents, But Finding Small Amounts Of Time To Rest Is Well Worth It, So… If You Can’t Sleep, Rest. (Note: Always seek medical intervention if you are dealing with insomnia on a regular basis). 

4). Goals & Values: Evaluating & Reevaluating Your Goals, Values, Priorities, & What Brings The Most Meaning To Your Life. Ask The Important Questions: What Brings Happiness, Peace, & Fulfillment To My Life? Write Down The Answers. Make Time For Learning & Personal Growth: Do More Reading, Writing, & Listening To Helpful Podcasts. Write A List Of Your Intentions, Goals, & Priorities For The Week, Or Read A Book That Is Useful & That You Find Meaningful.

5). Forming New Healthy Habits: Work On Replacing Old Habits With New Habits Rather Than Adding Or Cutting Habits (For Example, Set The Intention: “I Will Meditate For 20 Minutes Each Day Instead Of Watching The News On TV”).

6). Meditation & Mindfulness: Meditating For 5-20 Minutes Per Day Has Drastically Changed My Life For The Better, & I Notice It So Much If I Haven’t Been Keeping Up This Daily Practice. Try It For Yourself To See If It Makes A Difference In Your Own Life.

7). Alone Time Or Quiet Time: Having Some Time To Think About Your Goals & Focus On Your Priorities Is Really Important For Your Mental WellBeing. Reduce The Amount Of Distractions In Your Life (Such As The TV & Radio) & Limit Media (“The News”) & Social Media.

8). Social Interaction: Do Things For Others: Cook Your Family’s Favourite Meal For Them, Give To Charity Or Volunteer, Make A Phone Call, Send A Text Message, Or Send A Personal Letter, Card, Or Email To A Friend Or Family Member.


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