Teaching My First Yoga Class




Hello Friends!

This post has been somewhat delayed due to our big international move, so I am very happy to finally share it with you today.

Over the Christmas and New Year break we visited Australia, our original home. We spent a week by the beach, and I had the opportunity to put my teaching skills and yoga knowledge into practice by taking a very small (unofficial) yoga class while I was staying there with extended family and friends.

As some of you may have read in my past posts, I am planning to train as a yoga teacher in the future, so this was a fantastic introduction into what it would be like to work as a yoga teacher. I had a great time teaching the class and it was an excellent experience overall.

The duration of the class was approx. 90 minutes, and it was quite a long class mainly because I wanted to go through a large amount of postures to get a feel for what it would be like teaching these in the future, as well as to give my two practice “students” (and me!) a great overall body stretch and workout.

I had good feedback after the class, and the participants enjoyed it so that was great! The main things to add and focus on in future classes are: more breathing work, especially “breathing into the pose”, and spending more time on each posture. This will be possible when I write a shorter sequence with slightly less content.

I would love to share the sequence we did with you here:

(Disclaimer: Please get your Doctor’s approval before beginning any new exercise program).

Bridget’s Beach Yoga Class

Bound Angle or Sitting Cross-Legged

Five Slow Deep Breaths (in your own time, listening to the sound of the ocean)

Stretch Arms Up To The Sky

Shoulder & Neck – Circles & Stretches

Cat & Dog (or Cat-Cow)

Downward Facing Dog

Walk The Dog


Three Legged Dog

Pigeon & Twisted Pigeon

Kneeling Lunge

Fire Hydrant – Circles

Child/Extended Child




Dead Bug (or Happy Baby)

Reclining Spinal Twist

Through The Hole Stretch

Knee Hug

Plank (or Table)

Sphinx, Cobra, & Upward Facing Dog


Leg Stretch (Lying On Back)


Sitting Forward Fold

Spinal Twist


Mountain & Salute The Sun

Half Moon

Standing Forward Fold





Reverse Warrior

Amazon (Lunge)



Five Deep Breaths (in your own time, listening to the sound of the ocean)


Closing Thoughts: “May all creatures be happy, healthy, and free from suffering”.

Wishing you a peaceful day ahead,

Bridget x 





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