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Photo from 2015: A reminder of how good it feels to work out. I can’t wait get active again!

Hi everyone!

It has been a little while since I last wrote, but I am doing well with my recovery after c-section surgery and I’m happy to be back on the blog!

Baby is now three weeks old and things are becoming a little easier with regards to getting back into an everyday routine.

So… on that note, today on the blog:

Daily Motivation! 

Are you looking for some extra inspiration and motivation when it comes to exercise, feeling energized, and staying organized? If so, read on…

I find that it really helps to schedule everything from exercise, rest, relaxation, and food preparation into your week in order to remain organized and to reduce stress.

It can also be useful to set aside specific days of the week to focus on something for your well-being and happiness and to help stay balanced.

Here are two or three ideas for each day of the week to get you started:

Sleepy Sunday / Sunday Simplicity / Super Sunday

I typically set aside Sunday as a rest day, but if you would like your Sunday as a day to be active then it might be a good time to schedule in a family bike ride or to go for a solo run.

Mindful Monday / Meaningful Monday / Meal Prep Monday

Monday is a great day to focus on what you want to accomplish for the week. Meditating is a great way to get focused first thing in the morning. Clear your mind of stressful thoughts, spend a few minutes doing some deep breathing, and then think about your goals for the week ahead. I typically get my meal planning and preparation organized on a Monday too (this works well as a stay-at-home parent) so I will usually do the grocery shopping and look at the weekly meal plan on a Monday.

The Tuesday Twenty / Tuesday Tip 

The Tuesday Twenty: Pick an exercise such as squats or lunges and aim for twenty. You may find that as you get more energy you can do more and more of these. For a Tuesday Tip I try to find an inspirational quote that resonates with me and think about it as my mantra for the day.

Wednesday Wisdom / Wednesday Well-Being / Wellness Wednesday 

Mid-week can be stressful for a lot of people, so to keep the spirits high it can be a nice idea to read some positive material (even if this means waking up a little earlier to do so), and choose to focus on something specific to help with your personal well-being and happiness. Schedule in a yoga class (or do some stretches from home), go for a lunch-time walk, make a healthy salad (creating a meal or cooking a dish can be a stress-relieving pastime if it is something you enjoy doing), or take a bath in the evening before bed. Whatever you choose, make sure it has some meaning for you and adds some peace and happiness to your life.

Thoughtful Thursday / Thankful Thursday 

Practicing gratitude is a genuine way to feel great! Life is never going to be perfect, and it is in no way realistic to think that perfection is possible, but counting your blessings instead of focusing on the negatives can be a really helpful technique to feel good about your life and circumstances. And if things really are going badly, acknowledging feelings of sadness (instead of fighting them or ignoring them) is important. On days like this a useful mantra might be: “It could always be worse”.

Fitness Friday / Foodie Friday 

End the week on a high note and add some extra exercise into your day. Little things can add up to big results (i.e. take the stairs instead of the elevator, get off the bus a couple of stops earlier than usual and walk, or take an aerobics class if you can fit it into your schedule). Planning a delicious Friday night meal might also help to lift your spirits, or think about what food you are going to eat over the weekend, whether out at cafes and restaurants, or some home-cooked meals and fun recipes.

Set-New-Goals Saturday / Saturday Serenity 

Saturday is a good day to plan my goals for the week ahead (as this way I can take Sunday as a rest day instead), but however you choose to schedule your time, try to keep either Saturday or Sunday as some time to rest and recover from the week. A little bit of alone time can go a long way and leave you feeling rejuvenated and relaxed.

Have a wonderful week!

Bridget x

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