The Meaning Behind This Photo

run~ The Meaning Behind This Photo ~

Here is my little one handing me my sunglasses when I’d just returned home after running a 5K race that morning. It is just a random snapshot, but the meaning behind it is so much more…

I look at this photo to remember that I overcame a painful surgery (it took 6-8 months to feel “normal” again) and that I had gained and lost 14kg (31 pounds) with having a baby. My c-section recovery was difficult as I’m allergic to many of the anti-inflammatory/pain relief drugs.

I will be going through the same thing again in May with Baby #2, so I like to remind myself through this photo that there is light at the end of the tunnel and that I can do it.

This photo is of me at my most strong, fit, and healthy. What did my typical week look like at this time?

3 x weight-lifting classes per week,

3 x runs per week (usually with the jogging stroller),

2 x yoga classes per week,

Occasional kick-boxing, roller-blading, and bike-riding,

… and lots of walking too (I love walking).

I was even able to complete a half marathon (my only one so far) thanks to getting strong from the weight-lifting and the frequent morning running sessions.

I thought the half marathon would be the toughest (physical) thing I’d ever done, but it turns out it wasn’t. The surgery 20 months earlier had been.

Now I am coming to the end of my second pregnancy and it was recommended that I no longer run until after baby’s safe arrival. Of course I will do what is best for baby and what is best for my health as well. I have many other goals to be working towards in the meantime, and it is all worth it for my two little ones.

My mantra for 2016 is “Happiness” and this means staying as active as possible, keeping things balanced (so lots of rest too), and encouraging everybody to live their very best life!

Happy Monday, and have a great week!

Bridget x

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