Simple Meditation: Seven Chakras (Video)

rainbow chakra mat

Meditation Summary:

RED: Base/Root Chakra – Security, Safety, Stability, Confidence, Basic Needs (Visualize feeling stable, secure, and grounded; the earth beneath your feet).

ORANGE: Sacrum/Tailbone – Joy, Intimacy, Energy, Exercise (Visualize the snake awakening and uncoiling from the base of the spine, creating energy in the body).

YELLOW: Solar Plexus/Sternum – Personal Power, Emotion, Growth, Overcoming Fear (Visualize strength and overcoming obstacles and challenges).

GREEN: Heart – Acceptance, Devotion, Love, Compassion (Visualize what unconditional love looks like to you).

LIGHT BLUE: Throat – Communication, Expression, Independence (Visualize your true self).

DARK BLUE: Third Eye/Forehead – Intelligence, Intuition, Consciousness, Wisdom, Insight (Visualize being awake, and aware of everything around you).

PURPLE: Crown Chakra/Top of the Head – Being-ness, One-ness, Unity (Visualize “Who I am at my highest is who I will become”).

And … My Mantra for 2016 is HAPPINESS and my colour is PINK.

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